Selling with us


With a background of over 20 years in graphic design and print, we not only recognise good design when we see it, but we also recognise good printing when we see it and the last thing a designer wants is to have their designs and their reputation as a designer marred by poor printing and shoddy workmanship.

We want to give our designers the peace of mind that their potential customers are going to get a great quality product at a fair price, and what’s more, we want to give our designers a fair commission for giving us the opportunity to provide this service.

All designs are the property of the individual artists named on the respective product page showing their design and we respect this, we simply want to offer their designs to a wider UK audience than they’ve previously been privy to. By having your design appear on Imaginative Ink you are simply giving us permission to sell your design for you.

We also want to work with designers to get the best out of their artwork, to give them the opportunity to look at branching out onto more products and in the future, to give them more ways to be creative and use their imagination.

If you’d like to know more then drop us an e-mail or if you’d like to sell with us, simply click on the Sellers menu above, complete the simple registration form and tick the box at the bottom to apply to become a seller.

Due to an accident resulting in ongoing health issues we are not currently accepting new orders at this time. This does not affect existing orders which are being processed as quickly as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.